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Pleasure Boats

Whangārei – 'Kiwi-as'

A location of choice for New Zealand boat owners.

Launch leaving the bearth

Berthage, haulout and services are in high demand in the major centres and it can be challenging to line up the jobs to get them all finished so you are back in the water before the summer season. 

Whangārei has capacity to complete your maintenance and refit projects. No job is too small and your boat is in very good hands. We offer attractive pricing, and we’ll have you back in the water in no time.

Get the jobs done

We recommend browsing our directory to select your preferred suppliers, and have a chat with them about what you need.

It’s only a short detour from the safety of sheltered Whangārei Harbour to some of our best cruising spots. Bring some friends and make an adventure of it. We’re looking forward to your visit. 


Download our Service and Facilites Guide for future reference.

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