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Superyacht cruising towards islands


Build, refit or repair

Select Whangārei for your next superyacht, build, refit or repair/maintenance project and everyone will be happy – your owner, your project manager, your engineers, and your crew too. 

Superyachts at the Heron Shiprepair

For vessels up to 2000 tonnes

Standing rigging and mast of the superyacht

120m alongside berths in sheltered locations

Crusing and diving in Poor Knights Islands Northland
Boat launch and Port Nikau. Superyachts and workboats
For your boat

Whangārei is proud to service some of the world’s most beautiful superyachts. Our town’s marine specialists work together to offer all the critical services, including engineering, boat building, hull work, stainless and aluminium, hydraulics, engineering, and more.

No job is too big or too small, but all jobs will be completed to the highest possible quality and for a competitive price. We’ll work together to have your vessel back in the water quickly.

Two girls enjoying beach at Northland Coast
For owners, captains and crew

Fly in, fly out or travel by car to combine a visit to your boat with some of the finest New Zealand offers: golf, dining, art, scuba diving, shopping, mountain biking and more. Whangārei can be an end destination or a place to visit. 


Our friends at Whangārei ‘Love it here’ have produced a website that is all about the attractions and opportunities available in Whangārei. If you are planning to stay for any length of time, we recommend you check it out.

Get the jobs done

We recommend browsing our directory to select your preferred suppliers, and have a chat with them about what you need.

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